Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Medjugorje Apparitions Lose More Credibility - Father Tomislav Vlasic Silenced

It looks like another priest who had been the spiritual director of the children in Medjugorje has been given "silence orders" by the Vatican. He had been acting against previous orders when he continued to promote the vision. He is also being investigated for fathering a child with a nun.

Personally, I was always a little skeptical of the apparition. I won't say that this is in any way a nail on the coffin. As a matter of fact, each apparition (and the mystics themselves) have had to go through such trials. The church and the secular world has always tried to silence mystics, and by some grace of God, they have always overcome the doubts.

But I will point out that obedience is one of the true marks of mystics (and their spiritual directors). To me, the legitimacy seems more unlikely when those close to it won't obey the Church. But then again, who's to say that the allegations of disobedience (or those of sexual misconduct) are true.

I guess time will tell. That's another mark of these sort of apparitions. It often isn't until years after the mystics have died that they are approved.

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