Monday, March 16, 2009

Brazilian Abortionist Gets Help From AP

In an Associated Press story this weekend, they report that a prelate from the Vatican is sympathetic to the 9 year old who received an abortion in Brazil. The girl was raped by her father and pregnant with a set of twins. The doctors say that the pregnancy was putting her life in danger.

Per canon law, the doctors who performed the abortion and those who helped the girl get the abortion were excommunicated.

Now from the quotes offered from the AP, it would seem that the Vatican official thinks we need to show sympathy for the girl. And the way the story is written, people would think that the Church is being unsympathetic.

I remember when this first hit the news, and the original story (about those who were excommunicated) had the same irresponsible style that's shown here in this article. This one is written by FRANCES D'EMILIO. I can't remember who wrote the first one I had read.

All of the stories seem to miss out on (or purposely avoid) one important element: The girl was not excommunicated… or even chastised in any way.

This is a typical story meant to entice outrage for the Church.

You can see the whole thing here:


  1. I guess all you can do is pray for everyone involved. I have to wonder who brought the situation to the attention of the local Church. I would assume it’s either the media who wanted to force the Church into making a public statement, or it was local spiritual snobs, who wanted these people called out during mass or something. Either way, we’re not going to get the full story here. Unfortunately, the doctors probably felt like they had to choose between committing this atrocity or possibly, having their careers ruined. They would probably be chastened for not signing the order of abortion by both their hierarchy and the national, if not the world, media. I wonder where the real father of the raped child is, through all this.
    The report also gives the impression that the girl was in eminent acute, danger of losing her life. I find this hard to believe. This is just proof that the US doesn’t hold exclusivity on false reporting and lack of compassion for life.

  2. I believe the father had already been arrested, and I think that was reported in the first article I saw. Actually, that was the big thing. The reporter had made a big deal over the fact that the doctors were excommunicated and not the father.