Thursday, March 5, 2009

Child Selection Process Getting More Freaky

If you haven't seen the movie Gattaca yet, then go do so now. Go on, I'll wait for you.

EWTN reports a company giving people a way to screen babies for desirable traits, before choosing and implanting one. The ones that didn't get the part are culled out (killed).

Here's the url:

Pretty darn scary.

If you happen to own the Gattaca DVD (like any decent home would be without it) then take some time and watch the deleted scenes. The mother in the movie asks about what will happen to the remaining "fertilized eggs". On the whole, the movie has a nice message to it, but it looks like the writer also wanted to put that prolife message in there too. It's a shame that scene was culled.

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  1. I’m glad in the article, the obvious similarities to what the Nazis were trying to do with their perfect race, was pointed out. I think what will happen, like in the movie Gatica, the ultimate goal will be health. We will try return to our perfect stature but in spite of God.