Tuesday, March 17, 2009

New Mass Being Said In Africa

We've all heard that they're going to give us a new wording for the Mass. It's supposed to be closer to the Traditional Latin Mass in its word for word translation.

As for me, I've always felt that an English translation from the Latin would be great. I love the Latin Mass because of the wording, and I think that a direct translation would give me a nice mixture of comprehension (I don't speak Latin) and beauty (say what you want, but I think the Novus Ordo lacks poetic expression of God's Word).

But by the way it was reported in the Associated Press by MICHELLE FAUL, you'd think there was a storm of controversy over it. She had to get quotes from people like Thomas J Reese, who is just about a heretic as far as I'm concerned.

Apparently, some of the African churches received mistakes when they got their copies of the new version. They put the new wording into practice right away. And the only thing the press can do is try to dig up some controversy over it. I wonder how long it took them to find one priest (who was pressured into resigning from his position as an editor because of his unorthodox views, and isn't even in Africa) and one parishioner.

You can see the AP's full story here:


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