Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Alarming Quote From Obama

I try to stay far away from politics… I didn't even watch the president speak last night. But I found a quote from him on an MSN front page story:

"We will root out the waste, fraud and abuse in our Medicare program that doesn't make our seniors any healthier…"

This ought to scare the devil out of people. Notice the goal here: to make our senior citizens healthier. It's that kind of talk that makes me think, "What about the chronically ill? Don't they need healthcare as well? They won't get any healthier, so is it a waste to spend money on them?"

Watch out folks… I'm telling you that his agenda includes NOT caring for the elderly.

You can see the whole story here:


  1. I've been telling my parent's this for several months now.

  2. Yeah... abortion is the issue most Catholics immediately think of when Obama is mentioned. But when I see this, I'm thinking he's got a much wider attack on life than I realized.

  3. The very concept of nationalized healthcare is anti-life. As the number of lower income families increases (which will happen drastically, especially if you take away privatized healthcare), the tax burden gets heavier on the wealthy. Eventually, when the taxes reach 70%, on the wealthy, the government will need to raise the taxes on everyone else that have been living off the wealthy and thinking this free healthcare is a good deal. Because there are so many poor, illegal, and sick people receiving free healthcare, the taxes get so high that every family needs at least two incomes (almost the way it is now), and can only afford one or two children at most. Your kids BTW, are being schooled 100% by the government because even the thought of private school is just a joke. Eventually the taxes get so high that some new medical definitions will be applied to the medical field, that changes when a person is legally dead. This way, we can drastically cut back on the expensive old and sick people who are now just a drain on society.

    It won’t take long to get there from where we are now. We’re already murdering our children, sometimes for their own good because they might have a disability. They don’t even need to enact euthanasia technically. You won’t have a living will choice; it will be the call of which ever doctor or nurse is there. Life support will be extremely limited. Feeding tubes etc will be at the discretionary of the doctor. You probably won’t even be able to choose to be an organ donor or not (then we’ll be pro-choice…ha ha).