Thursday, February 19, 2009

Catholic Schools Flying Downhill

Those of us who are Catholic (I mean REALLY Catholic—as in practicing) have been seeing a problem in the Catholic school system for quite some time. But the problem we see, apparently, is not the same kind of problem the bishops see.

I heard a caller on Patrick Madrid's show today talking about how her high-schooler was required to attend their pro-gay play. I can imagine the parent's frustration when she pays out the %$@ for a Catholic education and then has to deal with a heretical system. Fortunately for me, I don't have any in high school yet. When they do reach that age, you can bet home schooling will be my first consideration (the Catholic high schools in Cincinnati are pretty bad).

In the elementary schools, things are steadily getting worse also. The kids are being taught polygenism (the belief that we have more than two original parents and that we did not all descend from Adam and Eve) and I don't think one eighth grader out there can answer the simple question: Why did God make you?

The bishops, on the other hand, see an attendance problem. They see a money problem, as pointed out in this article in the Associated Press:

I found this paragraph particularly amusing:

This academic year, Washington also took the unusual step of converting seven schools to a public charter group, which aims to maintain the high standards and values of Catholic schools without focusing on religion. Excluding the number of students lost through the conversion, enrollment in the archdiocese's schools was 2 percent lower this year.

Eventually, our bishops are going to have to return to teaching the faith and see that when the Catholic schools aren't much different than public schools (other than costing more money), Catholic parents will pick the one that costs less.

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