Wednesday, February 18, 2009

A Direct Order From The Pope

Associated Press reported that the pope's private meeting with Pelosi had one central subject: Abortion Must Be Stopped! You can see the short little story here:

You have to wonder how it would be (as a Catholic) to get advice directly from the pope. I mean other religions would think of it more as a sign of status, but we believe this man is our direct link with the Word of God… the guardian of truth. He's also the head hancho in the Church, of which she's a member. That's like getting a directive straight from the top. I wouldn't ignore it. I have a feeling she will.

You gotta' love the last line in this story, though:

"A number of the bishops in the United States have questioned her stance on abortion."

As if any bishops in all the world could NOT question her stance on abortion.

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