Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Reuters Just Loves To Stir An Empty Pot

Sometimes you just have to wonder what it takes to become a reporter these days. Today Reuters published an article titled:

TIMELINE: Pope Benedict angers Jews

The timeline they provide shows a startling account of the apologies not sent to the Jewish community by Pope John Paul II and how our Pope Benedict has yet to make any clear amendments. The final blow is when Pope Benedict lifted the excommunication on a bishop who had denied the holocaust.

What I find so amusing about this is that excommunication is a religious penalty for certain crimes against morality. Hate to say this, but denying the holocaust isn't really a crime against morality. And it certainly isn't defined as a sin worthy of excommunication. I would think that the Jewish community would realize this. I suspect that they do, and they no more care about it than they care whether or not they get an apology from any of our popes.

You can read the full article here:


  1. What I find most disturbing about this whole subject is the lopsided, bias reporting from the media. Everyone knows the views of most Muslim leaders (many would consider them fanatical Muslim leaders) like Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, amongst others, on the subject of the Holocaust. Not only do these Muslim leaders consider the Holocaust “a myth” but they hate and want to kill all Jews, just for being Jewish. They [Muslim leaders and many Muslims in general] don’t hide it; they are proud of it. But the media, in the US and in many other parts of the world, especially the EU, tend to give them a pass on this subject. It’s reported slightly but most reports have to do with the US mistreating the Muslim world. I have no doubt that the Jewish community is just as offended and probably more so, by the way they are treated and thought of by the Muslim population, but the media coverage is significantly different. One Catholic Bishop makes a Holocaust denying comment and the Jewish outrage is reported by every news agency, big and small, local and syndicated. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, makes comments that are not only holocaust denying, but full of hate and contempt towards the Jewish community, and it’s reported slightly but at the same time US colleges invite him to give speeches.
    If you Google: holocaust and catholic bishop news, you get 1,410,000 results. Google holocaust and Iranian president news, you get about 409,000 results. Google: holocaust and Bishop Williamson news, and you get about 95,000 results. Google holocaust and mahmoud ahmadinejad news, and you get about 79,000 results. This is especially odd since Mahmoud AhmadineJad has discussed [denied] the Holocaust many more times than Bishop Williamson has.

  2. Well, the fact is, people just hate Catholics.

    I hear Patrick Madrid on Sacred Heart Radio the other day. He had said that an ex-satan worshiper had called his show once. She had said that they love to blasphemy everything in the Church... but only Catholic stuff. They didn't worry about Protestants.

    Makes you think.